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Getting Started Selling Your Crafts

My first career was as a special education teacher. After 15 years of teaching I earned an MBA degree followed by CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) certification. After 15 years in finance I was a vice-president and portfolio manager of a major insurance company before I was downsized. Tired of the rat race, I opted for early retirement. Looking for something to do with all my free time, I started crafting and am now making a nice supplemental income from it.

Craft Crocheting from Your Home

Before you run out and buy your crocheting supplies decide what you want to crochet first. According to the item you choose, you will need different size needles and yarn weight. All this information is with the patterns and you will see just how easy it is to achieve your goal of crocheting your first work of art.

Sell Hobby Items by Mail

You can, if you are ambitious, start a Mail Order Business selling collectables to hobbiest by mail. To begin, you must first find a hobby that appeals to YOU. Next, you must spend several weeks researching that hobby. You must learn what collectors want and how much they are willing to pay for it. You should also know what other dealers are willing to pay forthe merchandise which they sell. And you must be willing to pay the same amounts.

Money Making Hobby - Do You Have One?

Everyone has a hobby. We love all kinds of music, sports, movies, books... We have pets, we grow flowers, we build houses, buy cars... Some of us even love our jobs (boy, those are the lucky ones)...

Floral Arranging as a Hobby

Flower arranging has become increasingly popular as a hobby, for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Turn An Arts And Crafts Hobby Into A Business

Are you searching for a quick way to make an extra income?

Picture Frame Crafts For Your Kids Party

One of the most popular party favors is a framed picture of the party guest taken at your kids party. He or she could be showing off a silly hat or party costume, performing an outrageous party game stunt, or wearing a face full of frosting and ice cream.

Scary Halloween Crafts

Looking for some great Halloween crafts for your Halloween party, haunted house, or just for trick-or-treaters?

Scrapbooking Teen Memories

By the time your teen is in high school, you probably aren't taking as many pictures of them as you used to. I have to keep reminding myself that I only have a couple of years left and no time to waste trying to capture fleeing teenage memories.

Jar Lid and Jar Candle Decoration

Supplies Needed:

Craft Fairs, Bazaars & Flea Markets?Oh, My!

Many names are associated with events such as these. Craft Fairs, Bazaars, Flea Markets and Swap Meets are a few names you can find. Whatever the name?they all mean the same thing. They allow you to meet new and interesting people (hopefully customers), spend quality time with your family and more of course most importantly make some extra cash. But, before you debut your first table at one of these events, getting yourself prepared is the first step. The following is a guideline you can follow to help make sure you're ready.

Rainy Day Fun - Crafts For Kids

Rainy days can be so boring for a child?and just as hard on moms. So we give some ideas to brighten your day and chase their rainy day blues away!

What Do I Need to Start Scrapbooking?

The best thing about scrapbooking is that although there are a plethora of scrapbooking supplies available on the market, you really don?t need a lot to make your very first scrapbook. Basically, all you need to scrapbook is an album, some glue, a pair of scissors, and some photographs or newspaper clippings. Any fabric, ribbon, or bits of leftovers from other projects can be used to embellish your scrapbook.

Origami Instructions - Getting Started

The birthplace of origami is still a mystery. Paper was developed in China in the first century A.D., and Buddhist monks brought it to Japan by the sixth century A.D. However there are not many written records from that time, so it is not known whether origami first began in China or Japan. However, no one will argue that Japan developed origami to a high art form. The word origami is Japanese: oru means "to fold", and kami means "paper".

The Power Of Scrapbook Journaling

By journaling your pages you will transform an ordinary collection of photographs into a vibrant and visual storyboard - telling the stories behind the pictures, revealing hidden memories and emotions.

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